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3 June
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I'm a dabbler. I like messing about in many things, but I haven't been able to stick to one. The ever-growing list of blogs I own is a depressing testament to that fact. Regardless, I love writing, and figured it was high time I get better at it.

I'm shy, mercurial, indecisive, introspective, and not-altogether-always-here. Terrible with deadlines, obligations, procrastinating, and writing when I should. Maybe it's silly of me, but I really do hope that this journal will make me better -- at least on the writing end of things. I feel as if I should be much younger than I actually am, and am not quite ready to deal with all the horrifying aspects of adult life. T^T

The two great loves of my (fandom) life are Arashi and One Piece -- if you find either of those two distasteful I think it would probably be difficult for us to talk, if only because... well, I'm sort of overwhelmed with loving them. But I'm sure we can find other things to talk about. :)