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16 September 2009 @ 03:55 am
because it's Spring thingS dare to do people/(& not the other way round)  
Not that it's spring, exactly, but it's a new beginning.
So a brandspankingnew LJ seemed appropriate.

...all for fanfic.
I would sigh at myself if the thought didn't make me so happy.
So here we are!

More new beginnings.
But I hope for good things.

So let's start it with a scribbled-on-the-subway-scribble, shall we?

Citrus Musings
Aiba loves oranges.  Tangerines.  Most of that section of the citrus family, really.  Evolution saw fit to break up each juicy piece with thin, edible film.  Genius, that bloke evolution is. 

It's the perfect sharing fruit.  And if you're the only one eating, then hey! small, manageable bites, if your mouth happens to be small.  And if you like bigger sizes, the orange is cool with that too.  You don't have to divide all the slices.  Put simply, the orange is chill.  If reincarnation includes the photosynthesis-inclined systems of life, Aiba would like to be an orange-colored citrus fruit - an orange, tangerine, clementine, tangello -- he isn't too picky.  Sweet, tangy, tart, chill.

Aiba is not so much a fan of the lemon-lime variety unless it involves a whole ton of sugar, honey, or some other form of sweetener (artificial, or otherwise).  Too sour.  Too, too sour.  Fun for playing tricks, or as pretty, thin bits of edible garnish, but little else.  He'll leave those fruits -- two-thirds of that whole family to someone that fits it, like Nino.  Someone who'd enjoy inducing grimaces in people just by being.

But when Aiba sees the blissful expression on Riida's face as he bites into that lime -- delight, relief, and pleasant surprise all rolled up in one, Aiba thinks that being born again as a lime might not be so bad.

*dusts off pants*
I may do well here.

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