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17 September 2009 @ 02:42 am
ONI Challenge I: On the beach of dreams, we sit/ watching a neversetting sun  
Yay, second post!

So, doing a drabble-an-episode challenge with my sister as we watch Orthros no Inu together.
I want to see how the stories change and deviate from the scribbles as we continue to watch.
....if I can somehow wade through the stupid that my brain insists on commenting on.
Today was episode one, so here is drabble(ish, though this hardly qualifies) one.


Open bitch-fest to Shuu
    Keep our noses clean, our wallets fat, and the girls coming.  That was the plan, remember?  Damnit man, I was the brains, you had the connections, and as bad as things ever got, your dad could bail us out.  That was the plan.  Another two months of payments, and we would’ve had that sweet little Odaiba loft.  Your straitlaced, stressed out classmates would’ve funded the rest of our dreams.  That was the plan, man.  Three years, you would’ve been done with school, and we would’ve been done with this shit, and probably on some beach with you in some stupid-ass pink Hawaiian shirt, and probably hitting on tanned native chicks.
    Your unbelievable bad taste is sort of your trademark, you know.  Only you would brag to an undercover cop about having shot a freaking gun before.  And what was up with that cop chick anyway?  Why did you hesitate?  Too damn pretty?  You should’ve just shot her.  I wouldn’t be in this damn mess – well, anyway, you’d be—well, fuck.
     And hey, my bad about, you know – well, you know.  Stress isn’t good for me.  Not a work-under-pressure kind of guy.  And, seeing as how you didn’t really need me around, what with – I don’t know.  You know.  Fucking out of the blue, am I right?  I mean, a warning, or a shot, or something more than nothing would’ve been nice.  You understand, right?  I needed to get the fuck out of there.  I mean, shit.  You know saw what he did to – uh, you.  Yeah, well.  Enough about that.  Just thinking about that freak gives me the creeps. 
    Anyway.  Um.  Wherever you are.  I’m gonna keep my nose clean.  I’m gonna keep at it.  And when I get to those sandy beaches, I’ll wear an ugly-ass pink Hawaiian shirt just for you.  I always was a pretty sentimental bastard.

So there it is. :3
Messy and awful, but written after a full days work, running on four hours of sleep.
Hardly an excuse, but all the same, there it is.

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