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12 October 2009 @ 10:38 pm

Title: Ashita no Kioku:  i. Doors
Rating: PG
Pairings: None.
Summary/AN:  This is a fic inspired by the Ashita no Kioku PV.  Most of it probably won't make much sense unless you watch it through once beforehand.  This fic was born once I realized that nobody in the PV acknowledges anyone else's existence except for when everyone is pinning up the photographs on the walls.  Even when they're singing together, nobody looks at anyone.  And there are a few items that you see in shots of certain people, that never show up in others.  The premise of the fic: They are all in the same room.  They are all alone.  They are all trying to find their own way to leave, and make their way back to each other.

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So this took a depressingly long time.
Despite my enjoying Episode 2 far more than Episode 1 (low expectations can be a good thing!), I found it less than inspiring, scribbling-wise. 

Episode 2 rant - (a spoiler cut for ep 2, I guess - lol)Collapse )

There were two lines that saved this episode.
Both of them Takki's.

"Next time I'd like to meet you alone."  The line itself is unimpressive, but dear lord, the smirk that follows it.
The other line, and the accompanying squees, is what inspired the following fic-bit.


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Yay, second post!

So, doing a drabble-an-episode challenge with my sister as we watch Orthros no Inu together.
I want to see how the stories change and deviate from the scribbles as we continue to watch.
....if I can somehow wade through the stupid that my brain insists on commenting on.
Today was episode one, so here is drabble(ish, though this hardly qualifies) one.


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So there it is. :3
Messy and awful, but written after a full days work, running on four hours of sleep.
Hardly an excuse, but all the same, there it is.

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Not that it's spring, exactly, but it's a new beginning.
So a brandspankingnew LJ seemed appropriate.

...all for fanfic.
I would sigh at myself if the thought didn't make me so happy.
So here we are!

More new beginnings.
But I hope for good things.

So let's start it with a scribbled-on-the-subway-scribble, shall we?

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*dusts off pants*
I may do well here.

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